Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Can you imagine what your life and purpose would be like if death were the end and there is nothing beyond? Good Friday is not the end. Before His resurrection, the cross was known only as an instrument of horrible death, rough wood soaked with human blood. So terrible was this form of execution that the Roman Empire prohibited the crucifixion of Roman citizens. 
When people saw the cross on the mountain Calvary 2000 years ago, they saw despair, suffering, pain, brokenness... and that was the end. 

Easter reveals the ONE BIG BLESSING for me. It is the NEW LIFE that I have in Christ. I took the Good Friday painting home and painted an Easter hope found in the resurrection of Jesus. Happy Easter!

십자가에서 모든 것이 다 끝났다면 정말로 슬플 것이다. 하지만 부활이 있다. 소망과 기쁨의 삶으로 바뀌였다. 

Good Friday Art Service

I drew on a canvas Jesus' crucifixion during the Good Friday service. Church members transferred each burden, pain, anxiety, and sins in red  unto Jesus' death on the cross. It was a symbolic but powerful moment. One sacrifice for All...  

성금요 예배중에 주님의 십자가를 그렸다. 성도들이 한 사람 한 사람씩 나와서 자신의 고통, 걱정, 죄.. 를 빨간색으로 십자가상의 주님에게 내어 드렸다. 상징적인 표현을 통해서 은혜 충만을 경험할 수 있었다.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Practice Walk #1

I survived!!!  Buen Camino Jane Finch! 
I left my house at 7:05 am for my first practice walk. The goal was to walk 25 km with my 8 kg backpack. I have never walked that long in a day in my life. The start was great! I really enjoyed the walking for the first 10 minutes. I was ambitious, energetic, and cheerful. The backpack felt very light. It didn't feel like 8 kg at all. Maybe 0.8 kg??  but that didn't last long. I started to feel the weight after 30 minutes in the walk and it became heavier and heavier as time went by. By the time I got home after 9 hours and 30 minutes the backpack became 80 kg! I literally felt it. 

My legs and feet were killing me for almost 8 hours and I became a very different person at the end of the walk. It was a very humbling walk. I learned some lessons.

One) The backpack was way too heavy. I will need to get rid of at least an additional 2 kg. 
Two) My legs and feet could not handle the 25 km walk at all. They were just embarrassing! I need to work on my leg muscles
Three) I lost confidence in myself. The pains really humbled me. I now have a great respect for every person who finished the Camino no matter what. I need to put more time in practice. 

I am grateful for the lessons. I am also glad that I managed to use only my phone to take pictures and videos and edit them on youtube. I used only my iphone for everything. It worked!!

To make it short, it was a very good practice walk that taught me a lot today.

Enjoy the video I edited in 10 minutes.
Buen Camino Jane Finch!

즐거운 마음으로 자신있게 집을 나섰는데 9시간 후에는 정말 겸손해져서 돌아 왔다. 정말 힘들었다. 그래도 여러가지 배울 수 있어서 감사했던 하루 😄😄😄