Tuesday, October 9, 2018


I remember when my daughters were little, they didn't like it when every time someone did something nice for them and we prompted them by saying "Now what do you say?". They knew what to say. We all know what to say but unfortunately we sometimes forget to say it. 

My brother used to bring brand new toys for them whenever he visited my family. I discovered a pattern among my children. They were so happy to receive the gifts from their uncle and became so busy playing with their new toys. They were not really aware of their uncle who came to see them and spend time with them. "Sorry Uncle, I am so busy with MY toys. Maybe later.. " 

I often do the same thing. I get so busy with the things that I have received in my life and work  that I forget to spend time with the Provider who provided all things in my life to bless me and to have a deeper friendship with me.

Am I coming back to the Giver, the Healer, and the Redeemer to say "Thank You!"?