Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Jane's 18th B-Day

Eighteen years ago, June 19, 2000, Jane was born at BC Women's hospital in Vancouver. I still remember the moment in the delivery room when she came out to the new world. She was very pretty and small. I gave her two names: Jane Yeeun meaning God's grace. Just like her name she loved to share God's grace with others. She grew up as a middle child and maybe had minor, so called, middle child syndrome, but never complained about her sisters or family. Jane was always caring and loving.

I can't believe she is eighteen. She drives my car and is more and more independent now. In a couple of months she is going to move to another city to study nursing. I will miss her...

I pray that God will always keep watch over her life and give her strength and wisdom. I am looking forward to walking the Camino de Santiago with her this summer for one week. I already bought her a backpack and hiking boots as her graduation gifts. 

Jane, Happy Birthday! You are always my princess!
Love, Daddy
제인이 벌써 어른이 되었네... 주님의 은총이 늘 함께하길 기도한다. 항상 사랑한다. 아빠가

(Jane's 18th Birthday Letter from Daddy, June 19, 2018)

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