Thursday, December 27, 2018

Merry Christmas!

When I was growing up, Christmas was all about receiving gifts. I looked forward to getting up early Christmas day to open the wrapped gift. Usually they were books and candies. They were so special because back in those days, my family could not afford new books and goodies everyday.. It was a very special treat we had once a year.
What does Christmas mean to you? I am sure that Christmas means different things to different people. For most people it is a time of fun and parties, a time to give and receive gifts.

"Dad, what do you want for Christmas?" My kids don't need to ask this question this year because I already bought a laptop sleeve for myself and brought the receipt to them.

Every year we knock ourselves out trying to find the perfect gifts to give and we call that Christmas. But it is not! It's not really Christmas at all. The true meaning of Christmas begins with the Christ Child who came as a vulnerable baby, grew up with the marginalized people, and died for all of us. He GAVE himself for us.

Do you know that Christmas is a time for giving, giving ourselves to God? We can give our gifts to God by looking around and finding God's precious people who are in need of love. AND reaching out to them in person...
Merry Christmas!

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