Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Jan's Cross for My Camino

Camino for the Jane Finch Mission

Jan Hieminga is a retired presbyterian minister. I asked him to join and lead the Jane-Finch Reaching Up outreach programs in our community upon his retirement five years ago. He gladly accepted the position and started volunteering as the chair of the board. He is now my mentor and friend.

In 2014 he walked the Camino to raise money. This 72 year old retired senior back then walked the whole way (800 km). You can check his story here and here.

Yesterday, Jan visited my office and gave me a present. This is what I received from him.

Yes! Jan, I will carry the cross all the way during my Camino and hope to pass it to someone who will be walking the Camino after me one day for the Jane Finch Mission !  Love Thomas.

얀 목사님이 주신 십자가를 가지고 떠난다. 언젠가 나도 제인 핀치 센터를 위해 떠날 누군가에게 이 십자가를 전달해 줄 수 있겠지.. 😄😄😄

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