Monday, March 6, 2017

One Step at a Time ... Together

"No need to rush!" "Take a half step at a time when others take a full step.."  This is what my dad told me 11 years ago when I just started my work at University P Church. The meaning behind his words is this: Building a community is not a competition. Be considerate of others. No "me" first but always "together" in your life and work...

I appreciate his wisdom that has freed me from "the stress" of  the "you gotta finish first before others" value that our society constantly bombards us with..

6 years ago in 2011, my youngest girl, Jubilee, competed in the Toronto city final cross-country race. Jubilee was in the first group until something happened to her friend during the race. Her friend fell in the mud..  and Jubilee totally forgot that she was in the final race.. looked at her friend on the ground and stopped running.. 

"Oh No!"  We say "Jubilee! Keep running!  

But Jubilee went to her friend and asked  "are you okay? come on,  hold my hand". She helped her friend get up and they went back to the race..  Guess what? Jubilee finished 88th. She didn't make the top 20 she worked so hard for!!!

Daddy, it's not about "me" first.. We are "Together"...  

She taught me a great lesson that day. Thank you Jubilee for the lesson!  

인생은 경쟁이 아니라 공존이라는, 삶은 남보다 앞서가야 하는 것이 아니라 같이 돌보면서 걸어가야 하는 길이라는 것을 막내딸이 가르쳤다. 6년 전 가을에...

After finishing the race 88th. Jubilee is proudly showing her ribbon.

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