Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Renewing the Wedding Vows

A week ago, I received an email from Naneesh.
"Good evening pastor Kim hope all is well.  Jamie and I will be celebrating our ten year wedding anniversary this year June 29 and would love to renew our vows with you blessing us again." 
(I am using their real names here with their permission. 😄)

Naneesh and Jamie are a beautiful couple that I married in my church ten years ago. It was my very first experience of officiating a wedding ceremony. These two handsome and beautiful young professionals wanted to receive God's blessings upon their marriage. It was a joyful event just like any other wedding ceremonies. All family members and friends came and blessed the couple celebrating the day with lots of laughter.  💓💓

Ten years passed...    The family grew to three. And they are enjoying their life with their boy Jayden.

Today they want to renew their wedding vows with God's blessings. And I think this is beautiful.. just wonderful... that they have never forgotten the wedding vows they made ten years ago and that they want to remember it for a very long time.

Way to go! Naneesh and Jamie,  Thank you for the lesson!

누구나 쉽게 말하고 또 잊어 버릴 수 있는 혼인 서약... 십년 후에 새롭게 다짐하는 서약이 더 값지다는 생각이 드는 까닭은? ...

Naneesh and Jamie with their boy, Jayden


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