Tuesday, June 6, 2017

My Camino Day 12

My Camino Day 12: Burgos:  a Rest Day

I took a bus to Burgos, a relatively big town, found a municipal albergue and took a rest to take care of my feet today. I should be able to hit the road tomorrow. Here is my daily routine.

I get up 5:30 am in the morning.  I wash up, pack up, fill my two water bottles and hit the road by 6:30 am. I walk between 1.5 or 2 hours before taking a breakfast break. If I can find a café I stop for a coffee and either tortilla or croissant. I spend 15-20 minutes for the breakfast break and then I walk another 2 hours before a break for snacks. I become so hungry that I need to stop for snacks. I eat fruit or peanuts and drink enough water. 

I continue walking until stopping for lunch between 1- 2 in the afternoon. For the first week I had a very light lunch to save money but now I eat a full lunch because I need real food to maintain energy in my body. After lunch I walk the final stretch to reach the destination, my albergue before it is full. When I arrive at the albergue, I check in, pay the fee (5-10 euros), and go to my assigned bed. They assign a bed number for me at each albergue. I was given the top bunk bed 11 times out of 12 nights so far. Now I am more comfortable sleeping on the top bunk bed. 

I leave my backpack by the bedside and settle down a little bit.  I take a shower, wash my clothes, hang them outside (I am so glad that I brought 8 clothes pins), and take a nap for about an hour. When I get up from the nap around 4-5 pm I work on my daily video clip. 

Some people asked me how I make the video clips for my blog. Here is how I do it.  I use my phone to take pictures and video shots, edit them on the phone to make a video clip and upload it to YouTube and my blog. It takes only 20-25 minutes to do all this each day and I use only my phone and a selfie stick that I borrowed from my second daughter, Jane. (It’s very handy and easy to carry. Fits in the side pocket on the belt) I usually take 20-30 pictures each day and use 10-20 of them for the video clips. I save them on my phone and upload them to my blog whenever there is strong wifi available. I sometimes go 2-4 days without a good wifi signal. 

I eat dinner around 7 pm. Most of the time I eat the pilgrims’ menu either at the albergue I am staying or at a local restaurant. The pilgrims’ menu is a set dinner for the Camino walkers. The price is 10 euro. I originally planned to cook my own meal every evening but decided not to because it’s taking too much time. I spend the rest of day in reflecting and praying before going to bed around 10 pm. 

This is how I spend each day while walking the Camino. It’s simple but meaningful. I am enjoying this simplicity as I pray for my church and the Jane Finch community. Buen Camino!

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