Thursday, June 15, 2017

My Camino Day 17

My Camino Day 17: Moratinos to Reliegos (42 km)

In the early morning I met Walter from Italy. He is a retired medical doctor who walks the Camino every year. He told me that he walked 52 km to Burgos in one day!  He does not even use trekking poles. After the conversation with Walter I had this urge to challenge myself to walk an extra distance today. So I did really push myself hard and set a record of 42km. The best part was walking on the Meseta during the hottest time of the day (2 -5 pm). For almost 3 hours I did not see anyone at all. I finally finished the walk to Reliegos, checked in at the albergue around 5 pm, and passed out. It was a tough day physically but the best day mentally. Although I once regretted the decision, I am glad I did take the extra mile.  Thank God. Buen Camino!

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