Sunday, June 25, 2017

My Camino Day 25 & 26

Day 25 O’Cebreiro to Triacastela (21 km) 
Day 26 Triacastela to Sarria (19 km)

In Triacastela, I found a quiet albergue with a small but nice kitchen. So I decided to cook my own meal today. I went to the market and bought a small bag of rice produced in Italy,  Japanese soy sauce,  tabasco sauce, onions & green pepper, eggs, pork ribs, and morcilla (I still don't know what this is). I made steamed rice with egg for lunch and stir fried pork & onion for dinner. It was delicious!! I have been missing a spicy food. The tabasco sauce provided sufficient hot spice for me.  I am going to carry the tabasco sauce and the Japanese soy sauce in my backpack. The food I eat each meal time during the Camino always makes me happy and satisfied. It's something I have never experienced before. Do you give thanks for your daily food?

Today (day 26) I woke up early because I was excited about seeing my daughter Joy and my nephew Jee-Hoon, and nieces Jee-Young and Chaereen in Sarria. Joy is my oldest daughter finishing high school. She is going to study architectural science at Ryerson Univ in Toronto from September. Chaereen is from California who just finished her second year at University of Pennsylvania. Jee-Young and Jee-Hoon live in South Korea. Both of them are studying at Yon-Sei University in Seoul. Jee-Hoon finished his masters program in psychology; Jee-Young in her third year in economics.   

Back in January this year, as I was planning for my Camino I invited them to join me to walk the Camino as a fundraiser for the Jane Finch Reaching Up building project. They accepted my invitation and flew from Toronto, California, and Seoul Korea. 

I arrived in Sarria an hour ahead of my planned schedule. I must have been walking so fast today. I had lunch at one of the restaurants in the town center, found an albergue right next to the restaurant and waited for them. They took a train from Madrid and arrived in Sarria around 1:30 pm. And finally we met! It was so nice to see them, my family. 

I am so privileged to receive support and prayers from my family; both my side and Lydia’s. I give special thanks and praises to God for all my family members. They are always in support of my work and ministry and pray for me everyday! Buen Camino!

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