Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Camino for Hope

 My Camino is for the children and youth in the Jane Finch community. Toronto is one of the largest multicultural societies in the world, and its diversity is especially apparent in the Jane and Finch community, whose residents comprise of 80 ethno-cultural groups, speaking 112 different languages. For decades this community has been a welcoming home to new immigrants. As with all families, people seek happiness, peace, and prosperity, and they come here with the intention of providing the best for their children.

Unfortunately, the Jane and Finch community has a reputation for being a place of crime and poverty. Many children are exposed to social and financial impoverishment, gun violence, drugs, and teenage pregnancies. This environment increases children’s likelihood to drop out of school, and it limits their ability to achieve, excel, and be heard. 

In November 2007, I formed a group called "Anti-Poverty Working Group" to develop relevant programs to help children and youth in the Jane and Finch community. In 2008, Jane Finch Reaching Up Homework school was launched, followed by its Music school a year later. A full day summer camp started in 2010. Today over 100 children and youth are participating daily homework programs and weekly music programs. Well over 80 children come to the five week summer camp during the summer break.  You can find more about their programs here. www.reachingup.ca

I will be wearing custom T-shirts during my Camino to raise awareness and support for the Jane Finch Reaching Up. At the last board meeting I was given the T-shirts!!! Jen, the chair of the board, presneted the gift to me. Blessings! 

토론토 제인핀치 지역의 청소년들을 위해서 순례의 길을 떠난다. 제인핀치 리칭업의 후원자들을 많이 만날 수 있기를 기도하며...



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