Thursday, May 18, 2017

My Camino Fear One

As I prepare myself for the Camino I confess that I have worries that I have not yet told anyone. My biggest fear is that I might have to give up the Walk because of my foot pain. Five months ago I was diagnosed with 'Freiberg Foot Disease'. I had had pain in the front bottom of my left foot for many years, and I did not think seriously of it. The pain near the head of the second metatarsal became severe so finally I had to see a specialist last December.

He told me that it's Freiberg infraction, a rare disease most commonly seen in teenage girls. It surprised me because I am not a teenage girl! Soon I learned that my love for soccer and golf over twenty years caused repeated microfractures on the left foot and as a result I have this Freiberg disease. Now the pain can get severe enough that I cannot walk on hard ground without supporting cushion in the shoes. 

I told my specialist that I was going to walk the Camino in five months so he should fix my foot for me. He told me to learn some skills to treat the pain and live with it. He recommended a rocker-bottom shoes for me to wear all the time which I have not done so far. I have planned to walk the Camino for many years and  I cannot give it up now because of this foot disease. I am going to use an anti-inflammatory gel and take pills and see how it's going to work. As long as I can endure the pain I should be fine. 

BUT still, I confess my biggest fear at this moment is giving up the walking due to the pain on my left foot.

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