Monday, May 29, 2017

My Camino Day 8

My Camino Day 8: Torres del Rio to Logrono (22 km)

Rain, Bed bug bites, and Blisters!  It was raining with thunder all day. The bed bug bites became more irritating. And the blisters under my right foot got more severe. I was soaked, bitten and blistered! BUT NOT defeated. I dried all my clothes, sleeping bag and backpack in a hot dryer machine over an hour to kill any bed bugs, went to the pharmacy to buy a spray to cover my body, and purchased a needle/thread kit and a patch to deal with the blisters. I will not be defeated! Buen Camino! 


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  2. When you get to Longronos, you HAVE to visit the Cathedral de Santa María de la Redonda. The facade of the Church above the front door, plus the high altar is absolutely stunning for high baroque style. The Sellos (Stamp is interesting as well!) Blessings my friend!