Sunday, May 21, 2017

My Camino Fear Two

My friend, Yong Beom brought the insect repellent.
 Another fear that I have while preparing to walk the Camino are bed bugs. I hate to be bitten by any bug. My skin is sensitive and can become very itchy by any bug bite. I have heard many horror stories about bed bugs from other pilgrims and that makes me worry a lot!

I did some research about bed bugs and learned that I just need to pray more before I go to sleep and be cautious. As a part of prevention I asked a friend of mine who lives in the USA and was on his way to see me in Toronto the week before my departure, to bring a Sawyer brand permethrin to treat my backpack and sleeping bag. This is the brand of permethrin many people recommend which I could not find in Canada. I sprayed the backpack and the sleeping bag inside out. It dried very quickly without leaving a chemical smell. They are good for a month against any bed bug intrusion into my vulnerable skin. 

It's my prayer and hope that in the name of God all bed bugs will never touch my skin! 

벌레 물리는 것을 나는 아주 싫어한다. 다른 또 하나의 걱정은 순례자 숙소에 가끔 출몰하는 빈대? (Bed bugs) 이다. 침낭과 배낭에 일단 방어벽을 쳐 놨지만 기도 많이 해야겠다.

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