Wednesday, May 17, 2017

My Final Packing List

my ultimate packing items 

My final packing list is here! It's the most updated version of the  items I am packing completed just two hours before my departure from home! 😄
1st row (from left):
Casual shorts (for sleeping),  2 t-shirts (with Jane Finch Reaching Up logo), poncho ($5 from Canadian Tire), water bottle, 2 dry-fit towels & bandana (my daughters laughted at me wearing it), 2 socks (I am going to wear toed linen socks underneath Marino wools, absolutely no cotton)
2nd row: 
2 hiking sticks (I purchased these right after I suffered from the first practice walk, unfortunately I never used them because I didn't do the second practice walk. I will learn how to use them when I start the Camino walk), hat (waterproof), scruba (what in the world is scruba?? It's a bag for washing clothes), toiletries, sleeping bag.

3rd row: 
Swimming trunks, camera, 2 underwear, selfie stick, Jan's cross & Jessie's stone (Jessie, a church member, gave me the stone to carry during the Camino. I didn't ask other church members for stones because I don't want to carry 10 pounds of stones 😉), phone charger & adapter, fork-spoon, duck tape, sunglasses, rubbing gel, sunscreen lotion.

4th row: 
Wind jacket, pen, hand made insole (I used my favourite duck tape to create a unique insole for my feet), sleepers, 45 L backpack. 

Not in the picture: Hiking boots, 2 pants (zippers), Sweater, passport, iPhone. 

최소의 물품으로 배낭을 꾸렸다. 집을 떠나기 두 시간 전에 작성한 물품 리스트인데 한 두가지 더 빼야 할 것같다.

               my final packing items   

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